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Glycemic load: Avoid The Diabetes Epidemic with these Tips

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

A good way to handle the role of sugar in your diet is to become more familiar with two things: “glycemic index” (GI) and “glycemic load” (GL).

When you eat something, the GI tells you how quickly it increases your blood sugar compared to the same amount of carbohydrate as white bread (50 grams of carbs).

The Glycemic Load, however, is the GI of the food multiplied by the carbohydrate content of the food.

If you eat foods that consistently cause your insulin to spike, you are more apt to develop diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Foods with a low GL are considered better for you because of their impact on your body. The low GL food will digest more slowly than the high GL food, causing less of a spike in your insulin.

Here are some tips in reducing the amount of spikes in your insulin levels:

1. Introduce Kidney Beans and Black beans into your meals

2. Snack on Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables Apples, Green peas and Watermelon

4. Lentils. Eat them.

5. Cashews are another tasty treat that can fill you up quick

10. Porridge & Oat Cakes

11. Fish - Kipper

12. Avoid sauces like Mayo and Ketchup

13. Avoid Raisins & Dates

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